Follow Along Each Week And See How I'm Generating A 2024 78.63% Return Using My Order Flow Stacking System.
90 Days of The Weekly Ticker Research: Here you'll receive my latest stock picks, along with my current portfolio... market analysis... and unique insights on new opportunities backed by my order flow stacking system.
Dynamic Sector Optimization: Join me as I track, stack and piggyback the institutions in and out of hot sectors. Implementing dynamic rotation optimization and order flow stacking we're always one step ahead of the headlines.
Stop guessing and shadow the players that move the markets.
Trade Alerts: Join me as I track, stack and piggyback the institutions in and out of hot sectors each quarter. Stop guessing and shadow the players that move the markets.
Position Updates: Opening a new trades is just the beginning. As the market moves so does our analysis. Each day gives us new information and as a valued member of my community you'll receive updates on managing trades so that you can grow profits, lock in winners and keep losses small.
Current Portfolio: Get a glimpse into my open portfolio and view previous trades. Review my 2024 swing trade track record and see how my order flow stacking system and 24 years of experience helps you grow your account with confidence and consistency.
Swing Trader Pro: Home Study Course: Over ten hours of knowledge that helps you follow the alerts and trade with confidence. Some members need help with order types, candlestick charts and understanding risk. You'll also see how I create a weekly game plan. Review lessons in your spare time so you can up-level your results.
Free Bonus Report #1:
Shadow The Smart Money
Go behind the scenes and finally understand the flow of money in and out of your favorite stocks. 

Get a birds eye view for spotting clues that lead to high probability trading. Never again guess what the institutions are doing.
Free Bonus Report #2:
Order Flow Stacking 
What if you knew which stocks the institutions were building positions? That would be million dollar knowledge right? What if you could not only see stocks under "accumulation," what if you could tell when they stopped? Powerful stuff isn't it? That's the amazing benefit of the order flow stacking process. We shadow their moves. It's easier, less stressful and ultimately more profitable.
Free Bonus Report #3:
Foundations In Tape Reading
Discover a time-tested secret for being on the "right side" of the trade. Each week buyers and sellers place orders that determine the immediate direction of prices. Tape reading offers valuable insights into a real-time look at order flow and volume. It helps traders understand market sentiment, identify key price levels, and improve the timing of trades. 
Free Bonus Report #4:
How Winning Traders Think Differently
When the moment for action arrives, successful traders are decisive. They trust their analysis, strategies and execute trades without hesitation. Learn to accept the outcomes of each trade, whether positive or negative, and do not let setbacks hold you back. Instead, learn from experience and move on to the next opportunity
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